Friday, July 8, 2011

Understanding customer expectation

One of the toughest job is to clearly understand customer expectation. I feel it is a staged approach but getting the entry into the customer's organization is a major break through. This will happen only when customer realize that they are talking to the organization which has systematic way of extracting all their needs step-by-step. Credibility increases when customer see value added by organization in other engagements. During the journey it is important that delivery team delivers whatever they promise and also one should focus on sharing with customer what problems were observed at each key stage of engagement and how it got eliminated or reduced. That is one of the key factor for engagement health to strengthen over time.

In the validation space, starting from understanding customer products & existing test assets to deliver the clean software to production, we realize there are various existing problems one can focus and solve in the organization. Look for some information shared here as 1 of 6 series which I am planning to share.

I appreciate comments and look forward to learn from community in the process.

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