Monday, June 20, 2011

Quick assessment of test process maturity

If you believe that increasing effectiveness of test process in the organization impacts positively on top and bottom line of your business, you must find ways and means to know how is your test process behaving at present? and is there a systematic way to improve the test process?

Here I am sharing some symptoms to quickly assess the test process maturity and if you see consensus among decision makers at your organization to focus on process improvement, I recommend you to look at TMMi framework. The steps involved according to me are:
  1. Understand TMMi framework
  2. Assess where the current process maturity is
  3. Identify gaps to reach a specific level of test process maturity
  4. Find appropriate way to fix those gaps effectively
An improved process along with a good test methodology like HBT (coming from STAG) you will see accelerated path to achieve your goal.

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