Monday, July 18, 2011

Intensely goal focused testing

I am sure some of the challenging questions Test Manager will face when things don't go well is - why did these defects escape our team testing? Do we have sufficient test cases to test our product? Why are we spending so much money on re-work and re-testing?

This is where I strongly recommend to re-look at how did we set the goal for testing team in a project. What did we learn from history? Can we predict upfront potential defect types which impacts customer rating on quality of our product? Is there something we can generate as defect catalog for our domain and check the completeness of test assets we have using this catalog as reference? By finding answers to these question you will land up in defining a very clear goal for testing.

It is important to realize that sharper the goal definition for all levels of testing higher is the return on investment (ROI) made in test engineering.

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