Thursday, June 16, 2011

Solving business problem with Test Process Improvement

What kind of problem if you have should take a look at improving existing test process?

I suggest you look at any of these problem symptom given below, if 50% 0f the core management team feels "yes" to two or more potential problems below, then I strongly recommend to take Test Process improvement initiative as management sponsored project.
  1. Releases are delayed significantly due to quality issues
  2. Test cases we have seems to be not adequate resulting in bad releases
  3. Major defects are encountered only during system testing resulting in more QA cycles than planned
  4. Though organization encourage multi-leveled test focus but planning process and competency of team not helping to achieve this effectively
  5. Product is evolving more regression cycles than planned and unable to cope up with commitment to major releases
  6. Risks are not analyzed correctly after test results are out resulting in wrong decisions
  7. Product seems to be stable, more customization and releases happening resulting in lot of effort going into test execution phase
  8. All aspects of quality not assessed like Load, Stress, Performance, and Scalability (LSPS) thereby Marketing/Sales unable to position product correctly in the market place
  9. UAT by customer not happening as per plan resulting in delayed revenue realization against plan
  10. Unable to get right set of people for projects when needed

I also recommend to baseline the above problem quantitatively like in what percentage of projects these problem exists and see the improvement with same measurement after you have modified the processes and used by team for 3-6 months.

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