Thursday, January 31, 2013

Challenges for students to start their career in software engineering

The students will look forward to the college placement office to organize campus interviews from prestigious organization. Apart from this they may look at options to build skills and competencies which may increase their probability of getting the right job while they are in final year or after completing their course. There are different perspectives to look at the challenges all players are facing in industry - student’s perspective, college's perspective and organization's perspective. In this blog I am talking about student’s perspective.

Not knowing exactly what one should take up as their career will attend the first campus interview and do their best to get selected, with an acceptable offer in hand but no date of reporting mentioned in that! College placement center as a policy will not allow this student to participate in another campus interview organized later. Student will get confused if someone who is less performed academically compared to him/her gets an offer with date of joining also mentioned. Added to this challenge, they also get a letter sometimes from the organization where they have offer letter in hand, that the recruitment plan and training moved to next quarter due to business reasons. Students are really in confused status at that stage. The parents of such students are more worried about what to do when their qualified son/daughter is idle with offer letter in hand but not sure when he/she will start the career.

Parents may look for opportunity to sponsor for some other skill building training so that their probability of getting job increases. Potential skills to enter into software engineering are: Basics knowledge of software development life cycle (SDLC), Process models (like ISO 9001-2008, CMMi, TMMi), Test engineering skills. This will help them to understand the role of software testing in building quality software. From this stage either they can take career in test engineering path or software development path (after learning their choice of programming languages and/or various other software development tools).

Love to hear different views or comments from the student or impacted parents community. 

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